A Pair of XS Sights on Two M&Ps

Aug 15, 2014 No Comments by

“I depend on XS sights because I’ve tried others and they do not compare to the quality or reliability of the Big Dots.” – W. McQueen, Kentucky  

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XS Big Dot Upgraded Smith & Wesson M&P | GOODGUY Thank You

Jun 09, 2014 No Comments by

“I’ve taken a lot of classes and am a personal protection trainer. In the real world every shot has to count and I depend on XS Big Dots to help me hit the mark every time. When it comes to protecting myself and my family, I carry confidently knowing I have my glowing Big Dots […]

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XS Upgraded Smith & Wesson M&P Shield | GOODGUY Testimonial

Jun 09, 2014 No Comments by

“Attached are photos of my S&W M&P Shield 9mm which just recently had Big Dot sights installed.  The front Big Dot with Tritium makes it extremely easy to acquire the target in daylight and low loght.  Next project will be to have XS Sights installed on my Beretta Cougar.  These sights are so much better […]

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XS Sight Systems on Guns & Gear TV

Oct 15, 2013 No Comments by

“Still the Big Dot sight picture you’ve always known and jumps out at you like they always have!” – Ryan Gresham Bo Wallace of XS Sight Systems with Tom Gresham on Guns & Gear about our XS Express Sight picture; this episode features XS Big Dots on the Smith & Wesson M&P series as these two […]

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‘Express Sights’ by: Sheriff Jim Wilson

Jul 02, 2012 No Comments

“Some time back, I had a set of the XS Express sights installed on my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistol. They are simply the fastest pistol sights that I have ever used. At close range, where things are really dangerous, I don’t even worry about the rear sight. I just acquire the Big Dot […]

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