Unfair Advantage meets XS Sight Systems | S.W.A.T. Magazine

Apr 16, 2014 No Comments by

XS makes an appearance in May 2014 edition of S.W.A.T. magazine. The Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun that Magpul has on display with their latest and greatest shotgun accessories, also displays XS Sight Systems’ Ghost-Ring Aperture with Short rail. XS Sight Systems’ Ghost-Ring Aperture and Short rail are priced msrp$105. www.xssights.com or call 888-744-4880 for more […]

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‘Machine Tech – Custom PR 3 .308 AR’ – XS® XTI™ Angle Mount Sights

Jun 29, 2012 No Comments by

In Guns Magazine Combat AR-15 Special Edition magazine Summer/Fall 2013, John Russo reviews JD Machine Tech’s Custom PR 3 .308 AR. “For close-in work, a set of the new XS Sight Systems XTI sights were added…(to) give the shooter quick target acuisition at closer distances.” This is one sexy looking .308 AR and Russo’s history […]

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