GOODGUY Thank you | XS Sights 24/7 Big Dot

Mar 22, 2013 1 Comment by

Thought I’d send along a “family picture” of my duty, off-duty, and backup guns, all running Big Dots!  Makes for a great carry system, when all of my guns run, feel, and sight exactly the same way.      – D. Price, 3/2013

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‘New Shooter, New Pistol’ by: Richard Mann | Shooting Illustrated

Oct 16, 2012 No Comments by

“As astonishing as it may be to uninitiated shooters and even some high speed, low-drag tactards, there are only two things a shooter must master to be a good shot: sight alignment and trigger control. Everything else is jelly on the biscuit. …the same reason the 24/7 Big Dot Sights from XS Sight Systems are […]

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