Goodguy Nation is in the UK!

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This is from our good friend Mr. Nield over in the UK.

“Hi XS,

Just thought you may be interested to see the Goodguy out and about at the Imperial shooting competition at Bisley last month. The UK’s NRA organised it – the place is real throwback and I love it. I’ll include a link to some pics and a proper description below.

Anyhow with apologies for the delay in sharing and here goes:

R. Nield 1 R. Nield 2 R. Nield 3 R. Nield 4R. Nield 5


The union flag patch on my cap is a thin blue line badge – in memory of all the fallen and injured police officers across the UK. The other photos are self explanatory. I was impressed with the guys who were observing the final shoot (parked next to the presidents seating area chilling but with their beer in a scratch pool and the Oxford University students observing the firing line from a settee.) Oh! and if you open the link below the guy being carried round the camp in an armchair at shoulder height is the winner of 30 days competition. Bloody mad I call it!  It’s a very British event.

How competitive are you? Bisley will find you out….

Best regards as ever,

Mr. Nield

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