A Handy Testimonial

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“After a motorcycle accident I lost my right hand and use of arm. I became one of the handy-cap in the world today. I was right handed and right eye dominate, I had to learn to be left handed and left eye dominate. That is when I started to look for gun sights that would let me operate the slide of a pistol one handed off My belt, table, holster. That is when I found XS Sights Big Dot. What a find! Not only can I rack the pistol off my belt or holster with the rear sight, the big dot has made the learning transition to left eye dominate so much more easier. After the draw the eye is drawn right to the front (big) sight. Now after a year with XS Sights I can place all round center mass (even on the move).” -Roger S., MI.


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I'm a competitive shooter that has competed at USPSA, as well as 3-gun competitions of all levels. Most recently I've been getting into precision rifle shooting as well as sporting clays.
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