A Researched Opinion

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“Well, I had done lots of research on different sights for Glock pistols. After buying and trying different sights, I purchased a set of XS 24/7 big dot sights. I love the sight picture and it makes for rapid target acquisition. It is so much faster than traditional three dot sights. I like them so much after training with them, that they are now on my every day carry weapon,and I may someday have to depend on my edc weapon to protect my or someone else’s life. That’s why I depend on XS sights. In my opinion, they’re some of the best sights available.” Raymond B. – Georgia.



Raymond Bentley Glock 27

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I'm a competitive shooter that has competed at USPSA, as well as 3-gun competitions of all levels. Most recently I've been getting into precision rifle shooting as well as sporting clays.
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