Real Life Experience with XS Sights

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“Dear Mr. Wallace (XS Sights’ Gunsmith and R&D Lead),


It was a pleasure meeting you at the 2014 NRA Convention.  I wanted to again thank you for producing such a great combat sight for fighting handguns.  I have been a police officer for over 34 years and have XS Big Dots on both my duty and off-duty Sig pistols ( a P220 and P228).  These are the finest sights for combat pistols I have ever used and believe me, I have tried them all.  On two occasions in gunfights over the years I truly believe I came out on top because of my ability to get on target faster than the bad guy was able to get on me.  I am a firm believer that it is the front sight quickly on the target that wins the gunfight and your Big Dot sights are the best for this.  I thank you for manufacturing this product, and now that I have learned they are available for S&W J-frame pistols I will be ordering them for my concealed back-up gun.


Best regards,

Robert S.

Chicago Police Department”

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