A Couple of Guns Upgraded with XS Sights

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“As an LEO, I’ve had the opportunity to try many brands and styles of sights. However, as I’ve gotten a bit older and my eyes a bit weaker, I find there is nothing faster and easier to track than Big Dot sights. I run them on my EDC Glock 26 and on my 1911. If only we were allowed to use them on our duty weapons. Thanks for making such a great product! It gives me great confidence to know I’ve got Big Dots when I carry off duty with my family to protect. In a crisis, speed and accuracy count.” S. Roberston, WA

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I'm a competitive shooter that has competed at USPSA, as well as 3-gun competitions of all levels. Most recently I've been getting into precision rifle shooting as well as sporting clays.
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