Flashlight Assisted Handgun Shooting – XS® Big Dot Sights

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“Sights need to be rugged but, most importantly, they must be easy to see. When the light is minimal, you don’t want to look for your sights, you want to see them as soon as you raise your handgun. The original Colt M1911 had sights that could best be described as bumps. For 100 years handgun sights have been getting bigger and easier to see. In my opinion, the ultimate evolution of easy-to-see handgun sights might be the 24/7 Big Dot sights from XS or a handgun-mounted laser. The Big Dot sights are essentially a copy of the express sights found on dangerous game rifles. They feature a shallow V rear sight and a large, white, front dot. You don’t have to look for them.”
Read the entire article, ‘Flashlight Assisted Handgun Shooting’ from American Rifle Magazine.

-Richard Mann, 2012

Like most predators, bad guys like to work in low light. This gives them the element of surprise and protects their anonymity. Control the light and you can better control any situation. If you’re serious about protecting yourself with a handgun, you should be committed to training to do it in low-light conditions.

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