Glock 22 XS 24/7 Big Dot Express Set

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I wanted to thank you personally for the sights you sent me to test.  I just completed two days of intense training with several long time firearm instructors during which we fired nearly 2000 rounds.  I installed the XS 24/7 Big Dot Tritium sights you provided on my Glock 22 and I must say I was pleased with my performance with them.  I was consistently able to acquire a rapid sight picture with either front sight focus or threat focus with secondary sight focus.  At the end of the day (most of which was spent rapidly engaging multiple targets on the move at distances from 2 to 7 yds.)

I decided to see what type of long range accuracy I could achieve with the Big Dots.  I fired at steel silhouettes at ranges of 50, 75, and 100 yds.  I was easily able to achieve first round hits at 50 and 75, and with only a few shots (5 or so learning where to hold) wsa able to hit 7 plates in a row at 100 yds.  Needless to say I was plesantly surprised at the bulk of the catalogues you included with the package you sent to inquiring shooters inthe course and gave my full endoresement.  A fellow Rnage Master has outfitted his Glock with the Big Dots and will be meeting wiht him this weekend to do some additional shooting and look forward to passing along any further information gathered by our range time.  I am specifically looking to test my performance in demonstrating school techniques on demand so that I can carry my XS equipped Glock while performing my duties as a Range Master/Instructor at Front Sight.  I must however admit that my experience after ony two days of training with the XS Big Dot System has me wishing I hadn’t given my collegues the other sets of sights so I could selfishly outfit my other carry pistols with them.  I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to evaluate the XS Big Dot system and look forward to future experiences with you and your fine company.

M.J. Perez

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