Remington 870 XS 24/7 Big Dot Express Set

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Over the years I have used my Remington 870 for deer hunting and was never really satisfied with the sights.  I went from the stock Remington sights, which had a very tiny front post, to fiber optic sights which made me too conscious  of
breaking them off of my barrel.  I then chose an XS Sight system  with an oversize front post dot and a large v-notch rear sight.  The sights were simple to attach and adjust, maybe 5 minutes tops.  The sights have allowed me a better sight picture with a better point of impact front post.  In December 2009 I put them to the test on a nice buck that presented only a 70 yard neck shot.  I knew my gun and I knew it was sighted in, so I set the front post in the rear v-notch and lined my point of impact on his neck.  Well as you can see the rest is history and dropped him in his tracks.  Not a record book buck but a nice big body that dressed around 165 lbs.  Can’t wait for deer season again this year!


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