Green Beret ProAm Shoot 2014 | Nov.10th, 2014

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XS Sight Systems  is a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual Green Beret Pro-Am Shooting Match. This event will be held at 37 PSR Gun Club on  November 10th from 10am till 5pm. There will be FOUR shooting stages, each testing the shooting abilities of each team member. The teams will consist of a wounded Green […]

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Louisiana Gator Classic | Oct. 23rd – 26th, 2014

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  XS Sight Systems will be sponsoring the 9th Annual Louisiana Gator Classic USPSA Match on October 23rd- 26th. This event  is a Level II match  and will held at Southern Shooting Center Range in Thibodaux, LA. This year will be a limited registration to 250 shooters.  The match consists of 12 stages, 300+ rounds. For more information […]

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2014 Michigan Law Enforcement Combined Arms Shoot for Special Olympics | Oct. 4th, 2014

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XS Sight Systems will be sponsoring the 2014 Michigan Law Enforcement Combined Arms Shoot for Special Olympics on October 4th . This event will be held from 9am-3pm at the Tuscola County Conservation Club. 100% of the proceeds go to the Michigan Law Enforcement Torch Run to raise monies for Special Olympics Michigan. This competition will […]

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Real Life Experience with XS Sights

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“Dear Mr. Wallace (XS Sights’ Gunsmith and R&D Lead),   It was a pleasure meeting you at the 2014 NRA Convention.  I wanted to again thank you for producing such a great combat sight for fighting handguns.  I have been a police officer for over 34 years and have XS Big Dots on both my duty […]

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A Para XS Sights

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“I recently bought and had installed XS Sights on my Para GI LTC as it is my carry gun. What a difference shooting this gun with these sights, love them!!! Going to buy a set for my other Para. Hate to admit getting older and eye sight is not what it was and these sights […]

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Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship | Oct. 16th – 18th, 2014

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XS Sight Systems will be sponsoring Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship on October 16th- 18th. This event will held at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY.  This match will be set up over natural terrain, using the features of the land to create interesting and challenging  courses of fire. Shooters will shoot three stages a […]

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XS GOODGUY Insight from Ohio

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“Have three Glocks that I trust my life with and they all have the only sights I trust my life with…. XS BIG DOTS! Hands down easiest, fastest acquiring sights on the market!!” B. Burrier, OH

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A Duo of Guns with XS Sights

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“I love my XS Sights I use them on my duty weapon as well as my off duty. My qualification score has improved because I find my front sight faster and come up on target faster. At 7 and 15 yards my XS Sights are dead on.” A. Molina, TX

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A Great Little Shooter

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“Here are a couple of photos of my Ruger LC9 with XS sights. The slide has Robar NP3 plus throughout, the trigger is the Galloway precision tactical trigger. It also sports the LaserMax and Talon adhesive grip. It is a great little shooter. ” P. W., NM

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A Couple of Guns Upgraded with XS Sights

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“As an LEO, I’ve had the opportunity to try many brands and styles of sights. However, as I’ve gotten a bit older and my eyes a bit weaker, I find there is nothing faster and easier to track than Big Dot sights. I run them on my EDC Glock 26 and on my 1911. If […]

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